Neck Pain Vanished

Success Stories

Kent found his way into the office due to extreme pain in his neck and back with bladder problemshe was experiencing. His
medical doctor wanted to remove his bladder. His white blood cell count was very high and he was experiencing pain in his bladder and prostate. He had visited a neurologist, orthopedist and many other doctors too numerous to mention with little to no relief. He had been on morphine for 3 years and other pain pills.

Since beginning principled chiropractic care and getting specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments he has greatly improved. His bladder is better and has avoided surgery. His pain has been greatly reduced and he no longer takes morphine. Kent said, “Give chiropractic a try, I’m a nurse and know that surgeries at times may not help or be necessary, but letting God heal the body thru chiropractic can really help.” Now Kent is healing God’s way from Above-Down-Inside-Out!