No Longer Congested

Success Stories

“I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I feel after my first specific chiropractic adjustment. I had not been sleeping well for some time. At night, I had pain all over so badly that I was unable to get comfortable at all. In fact, the night before I came, my feet hurt so bad that I couldn’t stand the weight of the bedspread. I also had sinus congestion bothering me. As I told you when I was there, the sinus problem was immediately cleared, something I would never have believed it unless I had experienced it myself. Within a short while I had absolutely no pan. We had a very long day, watching the grandchildren play basketball, went out to eat with all of them, back to the our home for a visit, and got back to Sandersville at about 9pm. Usually a trip of this nature would take me a couple of days to recover. NOT THIS TIME. I slept like the dead!! It was the first night I have truly had a good night sleep in several weeks. Today I have already been to church, watched 10 children in the nursery for two hours, and came home and baked four-dozen cookies. And still no pain today – this is phenomenal!”