Painful Hip Injury Taken Care of for Good

Success Stories

Alan has had allergies and asthma his entire life but they were no medically diagnosed until he was in the fifth grade. In the sixth grade, he not only began wrestling but allergy shots as well. He said that they helped a small amount in the beginning but they ended up coming back and worst than before. By his sophomore year in high school he began to accept his condition and that he was going to have to live with it. Due to a wrestling injury to his hip he checked out a local chiropractor his parents had been told about during one of their Sunday school classes. He soon realized that chiropractic care was exactly what he needed. After an initial evaluation and his first specific, scientific chiropractic adjustment, he immediately began to feel better. After only 3 days rest and 2 specific adjustments, he was back on the mat. He remained under chiropractic care throughout the rest of the season and off-season healing from Above-Down-Inside-Out.

“Thanks in a large part to the chiropractic care I received, I went on to have the best season of my high school career. I went from having a record of 32-16 with 16 pins my junior year to having a record of 51-9 with over 30 pins my senior year. Having year round chiropractic care was crucial to my success on and off the mat, as it not only healed my injuries but prevented many during the season and off season which allowed me to train at full capacity. I continue to see the chiropractor even though I am done wrestling because it helps me with my allergies, asthma and any pain I sustain in day to day life. This experience has inspired me to become a chiropractor.”