Life Without Ocular Migraines

Success Stories

Vicki suffered with ocular migraines, which would cause double visionmomentary blindnessslurred/slowed speech and confusion. To add to her condition, she also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia-a debilitating condition where parts of her body felt severely bruised and cramping. All of this affected her walking and caused her to be depressed.  She had to quit her job as a mortgage loan officer and was considered disabled.

Vicki was treated by a neurologist who diagnosed her condition and recommended standard medial treatment of prescription drugs to combat her symptoms. He medications, however, helped in some areas but made other problems worse and also caused secondary side effects that were unrelated to her condition.

Since beginning principled chiropractic care and receiving specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments, Vicki has reduced her muscle relaxers and totally eliminated Topomax and other Narcotic pain medications. Vicki said, “My pain was eliminated after my first specific adjustment. I’ve been under chiropractic care for approximately a year and I just keep getting better and better. My double vision has improved tremendously and I can now walk like a Champion!!! I praise the Lord for the team in this office and their willingness to obey God’s calling upon their lives!!” Vicki’s nervous system is flowing from Above-Down-Inside-Out from now on.