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Low Back Pain Gone

Ms. Dorothy arrived in the office with severe pain in her left knee, neck, shoulders and low back.
The pain had started 15 years earlier due to a car accident. She spent numerous days over the past years unable to walk or sleep comfortably due to the severe pain. She sought medical treatment from her primary care physician for 13 years, treated by an orthopedic surgeon for 2 years, and was under physical therapy three times a week.

“I took Flexeril, a muscle relaxor, around the clock….also Darvocet for the pain…and on top of that was also taking anxiety medication. I was hurting and the conventional medical route and drugs were not helping.”

After Dorothy’s first specific, scientific chiropractic adjustment, she stood up from the table with no knee pain and enjoyed a great nights sleep. A short while later her neck and shoulder pain were gone as well. After completing her 12-month chiropractic corrective care plan, Dorothy has eliminated her Flexeril, Darvocet, and anxiety medication.

“I am more relaxed, my mood is better. Things that use to bother me just don’t anymore.”

Dorothy’s sister-in-laws, niece, nephew, great niece, great nephew and her husband are all chiropractic practice members because of the results she received under care. Dorothy continues to maintain her healthy life with Chiropractic Health Visits and has referred in many friends, family and co-workers into our office so that they may begin to heal from Above-Down-Inside-Out.

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Getting Her Life Back

Tani came into the office with chronic allergies and asthma. She had also been diagnosed with high blood pressure, which her medical doctor said, “it’s probably hereditary.” And when she showed concern for the amount of medications being prescribed to her, her allergy doctor told her that it is perfectly fine to be on her 6 allergy and asthma drugs “for the rest of her life.” At the age of 34, married with two young children, Tani was taking Allegra-D, Zyrtec, Singulair, Nasonex, Astelin, Pulmicort, Proventli and Benicar.

Thankfully a friend of hers referred her to the chiropractor and she came in for a complimentary consultation. After receiving principled chiropractic care, Tani was able to eliminate all 11 of her medications and her body began to heal from Above-Down-Inside-Out. Tani says, “I was unsure of chiropractic at first because I only knew and understood the world of prescription drugs.”

After seeing the amazing results that she experienced under principled chiropractic care, Tani brought her daughters in to begin care. They were also on multiple allergy medications. Through principled chiropractic care her daughters are now able to live a prescription drug-free life themselves. Tani’s husband, Brandon, also came in and started under care due to severe shoulder pain. He also experienced amazing results as his shoulder was healed. Now the Keller’s are a happy, healthy chiropractic family!

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